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Learn about health and take part in citizen science with We Engage 4 Health (WE4H) programs! We invite Cincinnati, Ohio residents of all ages to become involved.
Keep an eye out for our cast of neighborhood characters! They tell their own health stories throughout WE4H programs. Learn about the power of stories!

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Programs include

Project programming will be structured around the RAP concept: Recognize, Ask, Promote.

Health is Happenin’ RAP Sessions are a series of 8 meetings filled with food, fun, and learning. Topics are wellness, chronic disease, nutrition and lifestyle, genetics, and environmental health. Middle schoolers to adults can take part.
  • Get Set Day: Enjoy a meal, answer some questions to help us learn how well the project works, get to know the digital tablets you’ll use.
  • The 6 RAP Sessions: Health and science learning and activities with food, fun, and comic stories!
  • RAP It Up Day: Bring friends and family to enjoy a meal and share what you’ve learned!
In each RAP session, comic-style stories set the stage for health and science topics that follow. Participants do science investigations and other activities. Tasting healthy foods is part of each session too.
You will learn
  • How to promote wellness in daily life
  • How genes, environment, and lifestyle affect the change of getting chronic diseases
  • How food and nutrition can reduce the symptoms of chronic disease
See current Health is Happenin’ RAP session offerings at Events
Citizen Science RAP Sessions are a 6-pack of 1-hour meetings filled with fun and learning. Learn about health research so you can be part of citizen science projects! Middle schoolers to adults can take part.
  • You will learn
  • What is citizen science?
  • What characteristics does ethical research need?
  • How do we design research projects?
  • How do we choose people to be research subjects?
  • How do we decide what our research results mean?
In each session, comic-style stories set the stage for health research topics that follow. Participants do a variety of activities to learn about each topic. Citizen Science RAP graduates can work with health professionals at WE4H health fairs. They will help educate attendees, assist in health screenings, and capture health data. See current Citizen Science RAP session offerings at Events

In Eyewitness Community Surveys, volunteers collect information about their local environment and its effects on community health as trained citizen scientists.

Groups will decide what to observe and measure. They might decide to look at pollution, traffic, neighborhood usefulness, safety. access to transportation and health/social service centers, or types of foods available within walking distance.

Groups will walk their neighborhoods and make observations. Photos, water or soil samples and measurements can also be collected and analyzed.

See current Eyewitness Community Survey offerings at Events

In RAP (Recognize, Analyze, Promote) Events for Healthy Family Fun, We Engage RAP session participants and citizen scientists will share what they have learned with community members of all ages by offering engaging educational activities.

Simple experiments and taste tests of nutrient-rich foods will be set up at stations throughout a school cafeteria, gym, or community room. Families will visit each station to try out the experiments and foods. Health Science RAP Session participants will share what they have learned by helping to conduct the family events.

See current family event offerings at Events

RAP(Recognize, Analyze, Promote) for Community Health events will offer health screenings, health resources, and kid-friendly, health-related food and entertainment. Citizen scientists will also collect community health data to support future community studies and programs.

Partnering community organizations will be asked what health screenings and information they would like to see at their health fair, and appropriate providers will be invited.

See current community health event offerings at Events

My Community’s Story RAP Sessions  will invite community stakeholders and participants to review the health and environmental data collected as part of We Engage and propose and apply for micro funding for their own citizen-led citizen science projects.

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We Engage 4 Health programs for families and individuals of all ages offer fun learning experiences!

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We Engage 4 Health can provide your organization with fun, health-oriented programming!

For Health Professionals

We Engage 4 Health offers opportunities to collaborate in bringing health resources to communities.

Vincent Hill

Summer 2019 Intern

Morgan Causie

2019–20 Intern

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Meet Big Sam

Big Sam is a 40-something security guard at the high school Jazzy and Vito attend. Big Sam is worried about his health and recently found out his blood pressure is high. He covers up his worries with jokes. He lives in the apartment above Miss Georgia.

Meet Jazzy

Jazzy is a cheerful younger high school age girl. She is a cheerleader and does gymnastics. She enjoys spending time with older people and loves to bake with Miss Georgia. She has asthma and works hard to control it so she can enjoy her activities.

Meet Cardi

Cardi is a 30-something aerobics teacher at the community center who loves to help people get more fit and healthy but can be a bit too much “in your face” about it. She means well though!

Meet Vito

Vito is a plays-it-cool older high schooler who is sweet-natured at heart. He plays basketball at the community center and is friends with Jazzy. He loves pop and chips and can’t see why eating all he wants of them is a problem.

Meet Pops

Pops is a retired high school science teacher who loves to keep helping people learn about science and health. He likes to check out what everyone is doing or talking about and step in to give his opinion.

Meet Miss Georgia

Miss Georgia is a fun-loving lady in her 50’s who loves to sing, dance, and bake. She is always helping out at community events. She recently found out she has diabetes, and she is learning new ways to cook.