Foamy Soap Fun

Jazzy and her mom continue exploring the properties of soap

Foamy Soap Fun Activity

An activity to explore shaving cream marble printing

marbled paper samples

Gather the following materials

  • shaving cream
  • food color
  • toothpicks
  • white paper or index cards (try different types of paper)
  • flat edge spatula or a ruler
  • small plate (plastic or paper is fine)
  • paper towels

Setting up for the print

  1. Squirt about ½ cup shaving cream on the plate.
  2. Slightly flatten the top of the shaving cream blob with a toothpick.
  3. Add 1–3 drops of food color to the top of the shaving cream. (NOTE: Do not apply squirts. 1–3 drops will be plenty because food color is concentrated.)
  4. Make marbled patterns in the shaving cream by drawing the toothpick through the shaving cream and food color. (Note: Do not completely mix. Stop when you have nice pattern of white and colorful areas.)

Making the print

  1. Place paper or index card on top of the marbled pattern. Press down enough to cover the pattern with the paper.
  2. Lift the paper off the shaving cream. Turn the paper over so that the shaving cream is right side up. Lay on a paper towel.
  3. Use the flat edge of a spatula or ruler to scrap off the shaving cream as cleanly as possible.
  4. Return the scraped off shaving cream to the plate or discard it in the trash.
  5. Admire the marble pattern on your paper.
  6. Repeat by slightly flattening the shaving cream and adding more color.

More marbling fun

  1. After a few prints, the color will become too well mixed to make a nice design. Go ahead and mix the food color evenly into in the shaving cream.
  2. Shake 1 to 3 water drops from your fingers onto the surface of the colored shaving cream. (NOTE: Add only drops of water, pouring water on the pile just makes the shaving cream too soupy.)
  3. Draw a new marble pattern using a toothpick. You could try adding 1 more drop of food color on this new pattern.
  4. Make a print the same way as before.

Clean up

  1. Throw any used paper towels.
  2. Shaving cream is soap. So, you can just rinse the spatula or ruler and plastic plate with water after you’re done. The shaving cream and food color mess easily rinses down the drain.
  3. Food color can stain, so wash your working surface and hands well when done.

Foamy Soap Fun Questions

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