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We’re so excited that you’re part of the Community Research Advocate (CRA) team! This page provides links to the resources in your CRA notebooks as well as links to reporting forms and requests for consumable materials. 

Links to CRA Forms

Completing certain forms is part of your outreach as a CRA. When you click on these links, you will be taken to new screen in a data management tool called REDCap.

Complete once after your CRA training session: Contact information and knowledge quiz:

Complete after each Research Ready outreach session: CRA session log and upload/entry of participant surveys

Links to CRA Resources

You have the resources listed below in your CRA notebook. If you’d like a digital copy of any of the files, you can find them below. Scroll up and down in the box to find the file you want. Click on the link to view the file in Dropbox. You can download it from there.

Request Printed Materials

You have been provided with a starting set of printed materials that will get used up as you conduct meetings. Use the form below to select the materials you need and we will mail or deliver them to you. Please give us time to print and get them to you.

CRA Name(Required)
CRA Address to Deliver Materials(Required)
Consumable Materials Needed(Required)
These are the items that meeting participants take away with them or get used up. Select all the items you need.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Contact WE4H

Several WE4H team members monitor and respond to e-mails and calls from the address/number listed below. One of them will get in touch with you as soon as possible after you reach out:


Phone Number: (513) 334-7618

Program Details

COVID-19 Precautions for Research Ready Discussion Meetings:

Because COVID-19 continues to remain a health risk, some precautions must be a part of your outreach as a CRA as you conduct Research Ready discussion meetings. We Engage 4 Health recommends the following:

  • Select meeting locations that allow social distancing for the number of people attending. Arrange tables and chairs appropriately to provide for this.
  • Wear a face mask during your Research Ready discussion meetings.
  • If the location in which you are meeting requires masking for people attending, let them know in advance. WE4H can supply you with disposable masks to give people if needed.

Community Research Advocates (CRAs) Incentives and Expectations:

As a CRA, you will receive compensation for your time and efforts.

  • For each discussion of 5 or more people done with a CRA partner, you will receive $50 on a reloadable debit card (ClinCard). If you hold smaller discussions on your own (1 to 4 participants), you will get $50 once the discussions add to a total of 10 participants.
  • We would appreciate if you hold at least 4 discussions reaching at least 20 people over the next 3 months
  • Before issuing your ClinCard you will be required to provide us with some information to receive your incentives (see below), as well as review and sign a payment receipt for each discussion (5 or more participants) you hold, or a collective receipt for smaller discussions.Once the required information is on file, we will arrange to deliver your ClinCard.

Addiitonal ClinCard Notes:

  • The issued ClinCard will not have a balance, you need to call/ text the phone number or email the WE4H team to activate your card, a note with the contact information will be included in the mailed ClinCard.
  • The ClinCard is unique to We Engage 4 Health; your funding cannot be added to other ClinCards received from other research or committees you are on.
  • If you lose your WE4H assigned ClinCard, you should contact the WE4H team to obtain a replacement. If you contact ClinCard for a replacement, a fee will be charged from the card balance.
  • The ClinCard can be used as a prepaid debit card (swiping at a store), get cashback or use at an ATM (by setting a pin), or withdraw money at a bank/merchant (photo ID required). You will receive additional information on how ClinCard can be used when you receive your ClinCard.

What Is Needed To Receive Your Incentives:

  • We will need your social security number, W-9, date of birth to set up your ClinCard.
  • Reviewed and signed payment receipts; a survey link will be shared with you to complete the form.
  • Documentation of each discussion you hold (Completed Discussion Logs and Participants’ Discussion Post Surveys). We will provide you with postage-paid envelopes to return to us.

Research Ready Discussion Participants:

Your discussion participants will also be offered small items such as water bottles, magnets, and more – to thank them for their participation. Please contact us ahead of your planned discussions (1-2 weeks prior) to arrange for us to deliver your participant giveaways. Indicate the anticipated number of discussion participants.

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Meet Big Sam

Big Sam is a 40-something security guard at the high school Jazzy and Vito attend. Big Sam is worried about his health and recently found out his blood pressure is high. He covers up his worries with jokes. He lives in the apartment above Miss Georgia.

Meet Jazzy

Jazzy is a cheerful younger high school age girl. She is a cheerleader and does gymnastics. She enjoys spending time with older people and loves to bake with Miss Georgia. She has asthma and works hard to control it so she can enjoy her activities.

Meet Cardi

Cardi is a 30-something aerobics teacher at the community center who loves to help people get more fit and healthy but can be a bit too much “in your face” about it. She means well though!

Meet Vito

Vito is a plays-it-cool older high schooler who is sweet-natured at heart. He plays basketball at the community center and is friends with Jazzy. He loves pop and chips and can’t see why eating all he wants of them is a problem.

Meet Pops

Pops is a retired high school science teacher who loves to keep helping people learn about science and health. He likes to check out what everyone is doing or talking about and step in to give his opinion.

Meet Miss Georgia

Miss Georgia is a fun-loving lady in her 50’s who loves to sing, dance, and bake. She is always helping out at community events. She recently found out she has diabetes, and she is learning new ways to cook.